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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Solarfall baits blog is dead...

I have zero interest in keeping this blog updated, so as of now I'm killing it.
If you wish to keep following what i do, you can do so in.


Friday, November 11, 2016

The triple roach

It's been some time since i updated my blog and it's most definitely late over due. So what have i been doing all this time? well mostly i have been doing what i love the most and that is of course fishing and during that time i have also been doing few lures for other people, and also went and popped into Canada for a little while as well.

So as the tittle of this blog post says i have a new lure model out and I'm calling it the triple roach, yes i know how original( << sarcasm) and this baits origins are actually pretty old. I remember sketching something similar roughly 2 years ago and for some reason i never started the bait and it sort of was put on hold, which probably was a good thing because my working methods then versus today were much cruder and not as refined. basically i've learned so much during this time that i probably would have messed up the bait.

Anyways here's some photos and a build video that i shot while i was making this bait.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Swimbait diaries.

Hey everyone i know its been some time since i posted here but i really have not had the urge to write anything here. bu i figured i would share my latest Gizzard shad project here.
Been thinking of making one of these American native fish for a really long time and finally thought why the hell not, lets make one. there is nothing really too drastically different about this bait compared to my previous swimbaits altough i did make the scales little bit differently this time by utilizing a diamond shape cross cut lines on the body for the scales, it does take little bit longer ( atleast for me) but i do like the outcome so i think i will be using that in the future

While i was making this swimbait i also shot footage and documented the whole progress so if yo want to see that check it out  

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Well hello there, its been a while

I'm sure some of you wondered where the hell did i vanish, well to be perfectly honest i have been just lazy to make an entry here and update my blog. those who dont follow me on social media like facebook or instagram wont have a clue what i have been doing lately. well i've been mostly doing softbaits, seems like i dont time to make anything else now a days and since the last post i've come up with 2 new models the SF bream and SF burbout.

Enter SF bream:
lets start with the SF bream, i first started making this roughly 4 months ago when i was in Canada. I've always wanted to make a bream looking tall profiled soft bait for big pike and this is rather hefty bait weighing in at 160g, its 19cm long and full of big fish drawing power. new feature for me atleast is the protruding fins. and oh boy let me tell you i struggled in finding out how the hell to fill them up every time i pour the plastisol. well eventually did figure that out too, as i always do eventually. this is what i really love about lure making its not only an art form but problem solving as well

SF burbout the killer of the deep:  
After the burbout i wanted to do something completely different and decided to make a burbout like curlytail. its pretty funny that just little after i came out with the very first pictures of these on social media savage gear came out with their own version, great minds think alike i guess. Anyway this seductress of the deep is 31cm and weighs in at 112g and so far i know it has produced at least 5 pikes over meter, as fall arrives im sure the tally will ramp up considerably.    


Wednesday, February 24, 2016

fat belly crank/trolling bait

If you have been following my instagram (solarfallbaits) or other social media you will know that i have been working on a new lure model that was supposed to be a glide/ hybrid bait. Well mister Murphy decided to pay a visit and after testing out the model on several occasions with different weighting spots i soon realized that the damn thing did not work as well as i hoped it would have. So i left it alone for a little while and did some other things when it hit me, make a crankbait! The first swim test i did on a prototype i was sold, the action was really nice. I decided  to cast few blanks and here is my new rather large crankbait ( 18.4cm ) that should do a lot of damage as a trolling bait as well for big pike.
and here what it looks like

Oh and if you don't follow my youtube i did a quick carving video about this model and since the previous carving related video i did is apparently blocked from several countries it just made sense to do a new one. so enjoy ;)

Monday, February 8, 2016

Ice, ice, go away

As the days are growing longer and the weather starts to warm up I'm seriously starting to get the itch to go fishing already. So what better way to alleviate the itch than to tie some pike flies. I've been fishing the better part of last year with these hollow tied bucktail flies and oh boy i got to say they work like a charm with the set up i have and they sink more or less vertically with very minimal nose diving which i dont really care for when fishing in cold water, its a whole different ball game when its summer time and your fishing with sinking lines etc. I'm confident that many quality fish will be caught with these babies on 2016.

Been making some new colors for my shads too with a new shipment of cab soft paint colors which as far as i know are pretty much ready to be sold to those who wish to make wicked paint jobs to their soft baits.

I have not done these music recommendations recently and i dont know if anyone reading my blog really cares for them but who cares :P heres is a veteran band from the mighty Hellas metal scene which is very unique when it comes to sound of black metal they do over there in Greece, very melodic yet dark stuff and im loving the hell out of it. heres some new Rotting Christ

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

lets start the new year with a soft touch

Lately i have been asked to make quite a few soft plastic baits for people and i thought i would share just some of the new colors i have been able to come up with, pike pattern seems to be the theme for these new ones and its actually pretty fun trying to come up with some color combos that fit the theme. anyways less yapping more pictures.